Having the strategic business experience of Hamilton behind you means your exhibit is designed and conceived from the very start to achieve specific objectives. From complementing the branding to measuring marketing effectiveness, strategic services makes sure your project is right on target. The most important work on your project is the thinking that goes into it before the design process ever starts. We always begin and end with analysis.

When you work with Hamilton, you get the benefit of our experienced view of the business. Our strategy and consulting approach is not a one-time thing, either. Our ongoing service cycle means that before every event, after every event, and throughout the entire process, we make sure your project supports your overall branding and marketing strategy. Through Strategic Services, we make sure every project we work on begins with clear objectives.

The Six Key Criteria of Hamilton Strategic Services

  1. Through Strategic Services, we make sure every project we work on begins with clear objectives.

  2. Each project has a clearly articulated purpose. That purpose may be introducing a new product, communicating the key messages about a brand, becoming a leader in the industry, or obtaining more or higher quality sales leads.

  3. Each project should provide measurable results.

  4. Cost-efficiencies are part of every plan—from flexible pricing strategies to decreasing shipping costs to making best use of digital and electronic communications.

  5. A specific audience is engaged, excited, delighted, educated or energized through the experience.

  6. Every project enhances company, product, or brand position—through graphics, interactivity, visuals, colors, messages, and feel. Every project works hand-in-hand with your marketing strategy, brand positioning, and sales objectives to drive traffic, capture leads, and connect with new prospects.

Implementing Strategic Services

Hamilton strategic services include:

  • Selecting a handpicked team of subject-matter experts uniquely tailored to your company, your brand, and your industry.

  • Find out more about Hamilton’s unique team structure.

  • Assigning a team director who will act as point person for all strategic decisions and a program manager for tactical ones. They will consult with you and your team to ensure your exhibit is on-message, on time, and on budget.

  • Developing a theme and concept that creates a high-impact, live experience of your brand to actively engage your customers and support your position in the market.

  • Creating an integrated event marketing plan that will help you obtain valuable data, distribute product and company information, and have the ability to measure effectiveness.

Exhibits are a unique marketing medium, but they should always be part of your comprehensive marketing strategy. Our Strategic Services make sure they are.