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An online platform that enables event marketers to extend their brand reach and customer engagement strategies beyond the physical conference space

EXTEND Your Reach

  • Reaches the segment of your audience that cannot attend in person
  • Supports a single conference/trade show or an entire event program
  • Serves as a virtual replacement for a cancelled show or a complement to an in-person event
  • Drives traffic with online/email engagement and provides valuable insight with full CRM integration

EXTEND Your Brand and Content

Reflects your own brand and priorities, and leverages existing content and messaging

EXTEND The Experience

Give your customers a valuable destination with custom interactions and resources


Integrates seamlessly into CRMs like Salesforce, and provides detailed tracking and analytics

Why It Works

  • Can be deployed quickly, as needed
  • Is completely scalable—options for different budgets and timelines
  • Can grow and evolve over time

Transform your exhibit program into a virtual experience!

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