Program Services is the feet-on-the-ground, Tactical part of the overall Hamilton experience.

Here is where your designated program manager will help with the “business end” of show business. From negotiating more advantageous freight charges to warehousing and storage, Program Services helps you be sure all the details are buttoned down. These include:

  • Exhibit and Event Execution

  • Rental Programs

  • Working with Global Partners for International Events

  • Transportation and Logistics

  • Crating and Shipping

  • Online Posting of Documentation

  • Assessment of “Show-Readiness”

  • Outbound Inspection and Documentation

  • Installation and Dismantle Services

  • Field Service Coordination and Supervision

  • Property Maintenance and Storage

  • Warehousing

  • Inspection and Repair

  • Inventory Systems

Hamilton also offers proprietary online tools to help you manage your assets and streamline the program processes.


Think of it as your online filing cabinet. ProgramCONNECT® , a highly customized service exclusively for Hamilton customers, lets you immediately access all the documents, plans, estimates, designs, and communication about your exhibit in one place. Pictures, plans, calendars, inventory of sales literature, animations… whatever is important to you can be built into your own ProgramCONNECT® site for each event.


This online ordering tool, housed on your own intranet, lets authorized personnel select assets online, request delivery, and handle return of your purchased displays. Twenty-four/seven fulfillment and automatic return options help make sure exhibits are where they need to be at all times.