Hamilton Exhibits - 20' x 20' Exhibit- ExhibitorLIVE 2016



Hamilton’s vision was to create a casual, comfortable, approachable place to visit; a place to engage in conversation with this target audience in an atmosphere that was non-threatening and promoted the exchange of information.


To track the success of this vision we set three objectives:

The Leads – Our total qualified leads collected the previous year was 51.  The goal was to at least double that in 2016; to get over 100 qualified leads. 

The Buzz – Another, perhaps less measurable, goal was to ‘generate a buzz’ on the show floor – to create some positive energy about the company with the audience and in the industry.

The Camaraderie – A third internal goal was to use this time together at the show to create camaraderie – to build a stronger sales team for the company.


  • 350% increase in qualified leads over previous year

  • Received 11 RFPs within first 3 months

  • Live interviews with industry’s leading editors

  • Multiple mentions by faculty in educational sessions

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ExhibitorLIVE 2017 - click to view

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