Making strategy become reality is what Fabrication Services is all about.

Our artists, industrial designers, engineers, construction specialists, and logistics and transportation experts work together to create innovative and exceptional designs that achieve objectives at lowest cost. How?

By considering all aspects of the fabrication from the beginning—how to build it, what materials to use, what will it cost to ship, how will it be crated, how is it installed and dismantled, what transportation and labor issues need to be addressed. The result is an exhibit that can be moved quickly and efficiently and one that will also move your customer and prospects by engaging them in a real-world experience of your brand.
And while staying on budget is our priority, so is creativity. You can count on Hamilton to bring you the latest, most modern designs and new trends in the industry.  Plus, thanks to our New Materials Task Force which is always on the lookout for innovative materials and new fabrication techniques, your exhibit can have unique features that set you apart from the crowd and reduce freight costs through lightweight materials.