Corteva Agriscience


Hamilton was challenged with introducing the new Corteva Agriscience brand. The newly formed agriculture company launched following the Dow-Dupont merger.


We created a Corteva experience to launch the new brand and create buzz among Farm Progress Show attendees, trade media, and the agriculture industry.

To accomplish this, we created an environment to energize sales teams and enable them to have professional, meaningful interactions with prospects and customers.


The exterior front facade boasts a unique polished but industrial look with clean architectural lines combining a mix of textured materials. The 22’ high louvered wall boldly displays the large Corteva dimensional logo that can be seen from across the highway.

The main entrance resembles a permanent building structure, establishing a feeling of longevity and solid foundation. The exterior featured an inviting and comfortable lounge patio setting, elevated platform deck, and an overhead pergola structure.


The main doors and modular glass wall panel system surrounded the perimeter tent to help control the cool interior climate. Once inside, attendees were greeted with sophisticated, interactive, and engaging displays to help educate farmers and growers about Corteva Agriscience.

The exhibit’s main focal point was the theatre stage presentation which hosted a magic show and various lecture demonstrations. All attendees were encouraged to interact with the show performer and visit various educational touchscreen kiosks once the show concluded.


The overall traffic pattern drew people to the center of the space first, then dispersed them to outlying areas and the back of the exhibit.

The courtyard space behind the tent offered music, catering, games, and a relaxing outdoor lounge seating area. Three distinct pavilions allowed guests to enjoy the outdoor entertainment comfortably.


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