Baxter Healthcare


Baxter Healthcare needed a fun, interactive setting to draw pharmacists into the Baxter space at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) 2018 trade show. The goal was to encourage pharmacists to engage in an educational game and watch a must-see theatre presentation.


We wanted to break up the 40’ x 40’ space into three primary areas: the game, the theatre, and product stations. However, we had to segment these areas without blocking off any entrances from the aisles and while driving curiosity and open traffic flow.

By using the amphitheater stage for both the quiz game and the presentation area, the space remained open and inviting.


Baxter was able to capture leads from pharmacists that participated in the game, joined in on the theatre presentations, and engaged in product demos. This helped Baxter increase their reach and provide a fun, multi-purpose environment.


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