ADT Security


Hamilton was tasked with designing and building a tranquil environment for customers to relax, eat, and have a drink while learning more about ADT’s services through demos and meetings. We also needed to incorporate a space for a speed painter to perform twice a day.


We built a 60’ x 60’ space shaped like an octagon to model the ADT logo. The shape provided a private, peaceful, relaxing space for customers. The exhibit’s blue lighting evoked a feeling of calm for attendees in the space. The exterior of the octagon was used for the speed painting performances, iconic branding, and a 12’ x 16’ video wall for messaging.


Attendees that were not originally invited to visit the space were intrigued and curious about what was going on inside the booth. The customers and potential customers felt like VIPs in the private, relaxing space. The speed painting performances strengthened and promoted the show message: The Art of Exceeding Expectation.


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